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  • Rules and Regulations

    • The student should be of Kuwaiti nationality
    • The number of students on scholarship from (GCE) or other Arab and Islamic countries, and children of expatriates should not exceed more than 5 per cent of all entrants in any given year. Their admission will be in accordance with the rules and regulations of PAAET.
    • The student must have obtained the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or its equivalent, and not more than two years must have elapsed from the time the certificate was granted.
    • The student must register on a full-time basis.
    • The student shall pass any entrance examination required by the College.
    • The student must be physically suitable for the specialty that he/she is to register for.

     Required Documents and Papers:

    Any student willing to enroll in one of the College-programs should submit an application during the pre-announced period accompanied by the following documents:

    • the required educational certificates duly authenticated by the appropriate authority.
    • photocopy of the Civil Identity Card (CIC). The student should bring the original CIC when he/she attends the PAAET for registration purposes.
    • A declaration of the intention of the student to study on a full-time basis (or proof that he/she is the sole provider of his/her family or that he/she has been granted a leave of absence from his/her place of employment for purposes of study)   

Enrolment - Fall 2017-2018

Mechanical Power Program593
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program204
Manufacturing Program422
Communications Program101 males and 243 females
Petroleum Production and Exporting Program219
Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Program156
Refinery Operation Program601
Chemical Process Tech Program232
Electric Machines Program193
Building Construction Program411

Transfer Students

  • Students are allowed to transfer from one College to another within PAAET, or from a recognized comparable college to a college within PAAET, providing that there is an available position and providing that permission has been granted by the Dean of Students & Trainees Affairs, in accordance with the following requirements, providing that the student:
    • Has secured approval from his/her present college (PAAET college) on the appropriate transfer application document.
    • Meets the acceptance terms of the college to which he/she wishes to transfer.
    • Has not been expelled from his/her present college.
    • Completed at least one semester at one of the institutes or colleges before he/she applies for transfer.
    • Successfully completed credits not exceeding forty-five (45) in the case of a four-year program, and thirty (30) in the case of a three-year-program, within a College of PAAET.
    • Has not withdrawn his/her papers from any of the PAAET Colleges.
    • has not been expelled from any of the PAAET Colleges because of non-attendance.
  • When a student transfers from one college to another, his/her record must be transferred with him/her. The grades of all courses, those taken before the transfer, and those taken after the transfer, are used in calculating the student's GPA.
  • A student may be exempted from any course requirement for his/her new specialty if he/she has already taken and passed them at his/her previous college. The grades and credits of any course will be included in his/her academic record, with permission from the academic department concerned.
  • Approved credits obtained from colleges or institutes outside PAAET may not be included in the transferred student's averages. Not more that 50 per cent of the credit hours required for graduation at the student's original college can be transferred to the new College.
  • The academic department shall specify the department course(s) the student will be exempted from. These courses should be equivalent to the courses that the student has passed at his/her previous college with a minimum grade of C for each course.
  • If a student gains exemption from one or more courses, after the official date of withdrawal from such courses, then his/her registration in those courses is withdrawn without penalty.
  • The student's period of study in approved courses at other colleges is included as part of the maximum limit allowed for completion of the program.

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