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The Industrial College was the first educational institution to design and offer curricula related to the technological field. It started in the academic year 1954-1955 at the level of secondary stage. In 1976-1977, the study program in the Industrial College was terminated and its title changed to Kuwait Institute for Applied Technology (1976), Kuwait Institute for Technology (1983), College of Technological Studies (1986), which admitted secondary school leavers or equivalents. The duration of the study program was five semesters after which the graduate obtains a diploma in his specialization. In the year 1986-87, the name of the institute was again changed to the present designation, The College of Technological Studies (CTS). This institution, in its early and present forms, has witnessed continuous development processes as a result of the country’s policy of adopting up-to-date technologies. This development was included in programs, plans, curricula, tuition systems, constructions, laboratories, workshops, etc. to keep abreast of the latest technology used in the labor market. CTS is, therefore, the PAAET institution that is closest to the needs of the development plans and the fastest to meet the escalating needs of the labor market. In the light of this background, CTS has developed its mission as follows: ‘Securing quality in the performance of its graduates and qualifying them for their prospective posts at the labor market with excellence in all components of its programs.


The industrial school opened its door to secondary stage students


The industrial school had grown to Kuwait Institute for Applied Technology


The college of technological studies were introduced in its current form

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