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The college strives hard to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Preparing technical and applied workforce at all levels to meet the needs of development in the country. This can be achieved through educational and training programs that differ in time, nature, input, and output.
  2. Promoting the occupational and scientific abilities of the labor market workforce in order to boost them up.
  3. Offering consultations and performing applied research to adapt and accommodate technology to the potentials of the environment in order to solve the problems of local industry and promote the productivity of institutions and local units.
  4. Upgrading the awareness of the non-specialized individuals in technology and developing their skills to help them in their daily life. The aim is to strike a balance between the values of production and those of consumption through the modification of the mechanisms adopted by them.

As stated in the latest reports, the diploma holders graduating from this college are qualified for jobs in the labor market as assistant engineers and technicians. The college is keen on maintaining the following competencies:

  1. Mastery of Arabic and English communication skills in the specific fields of specializations and work environment.
  2. Ability to read catalogues, understand technical drawings and identify the components of equipment as well as being aware of their functions and methods of operation.
  3. Operating equipment according to the instructions on the correct method of switching on and switching off equipment for the purpose of security and safety precautions.
  4. Routine and preventive maintenance of equipment, connections and cables.
  5. Fixing appliances and installing the necessary wiring for them.
  6. Measuring the operational competence of equipment and estimating the standard deviations from ideal operation.
  7. Selecting the best tools, appliances and materials needed for operational purposes.
  8. Performing routine maintenance of equipment and appliances.
  9. Detecting operational problems, and deciding on means and ways of repairing apparatuses and equipment.
  10. Task organization and report writing.
  11. Participating in designing specifications, inventory control, together with receiving and delivering stock articles.
  12. Respecting the systems and regulations in adoption to punctuality.
  13. Accepting membership in task forces and being enthusiastic to achieve their objectives and carry out instructions of superiors.
  14. Leading a team of assistant technicians and workers and evaluating their performance.

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